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Subcontracting work

Subcontracting work

The specific contract for subcontracting requires a lot from both the contractor and the client. In practice, the contractual side of a construction project is often overlooked or not approached carefully enough. This is a shortcoming because accurately recording the project during the preparation can prevent many problems. Only then will it be made clear what people expect from each other, and there will be no problems during the acceptance of work.

De lawyers at Haij & Van de Wende have an eye for the contractual side of contracting work. In addition to finding the most optimal solution for you, we also go for the most practical solution. We have a great deal of experience with legal guidance for contracting work, which means we do not lose sight of the executive side of the contract. With our expertise and experience, the contract is not only of excellent quality, it will not impede execution either.

We also have a lot of experience negotiating supplementary work and reduced work. During this phase, the negotiating side is still very important. Even if you cannot reach an agreement with your customer and it turns out that a procedure is required, we will assist you. We always try to avoid legal proceedings. Sometimes they are inevitable, but even then we stand for your cause.

Your cause is our cause. If we were to get in the way of your project because the contract does not work in practice, we would have shot ourselves in the foot. Your interests come first, and that is what we strive to achieve. The lawyers at De Haij & Van de Wende are ready to review this contract with you and supplement it where necessary.