Employment law

Regulations and personnel manuals

Regulations and personnel manuals

To safeguard the rights and obligations of your employees, you can lay down some basic principles in regulations or personnel manuals. This gives the employee clarity about the rules applied in your business, and you can fall back on it if things go wrong.

However, you cannot record everything in regulations or personnel manuals. Sometimes, you may be bound by collective labour agreements and binding employment law and regulations. Nor can you unilaterally change existing regulations or personnel manuals.

Our lawyers know which rules you may and may not include in the regulations or personnel manual. It is advisable to have them tested legally to avoid them being declared void at a time they are required due to legal invalidity.

With up-to-date knowledge of employment law, the lawyers at De Haij & Van der Wende can unburden you in this area. We guarantee quality and ensure your personnel manual and regulations are legal and up to date.