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occupational health and safety legislation

Occupational health and safety legislation

In the Netherlands, the employer has a far-reaching duty of care towards the employee. When accidents do occur, the risk of liability is high for the employer. The Arbowetgeving [Working conditions legislation] sets regulations to ensure the workplace is organised in such a way that the health and safety of employees is guaranteed. Every employer in the Netherlands must draw up a Risk Inventory And Evaluation (RI&E) plan for this.

Incidentally, the Working Conditions legislation goes further than just health and safety, but also includes themes such as working hours and privacy.

The lawyers at De Haij & Van der Wende can assist you to frame these risks in an action plan, employment contracts or internal regulations. Risk can never be completely eliminated. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong in your business for which you can be held liable, or if you have a dispute with the Social Affairs and Employment Inspectorate (SZW), please contact us.