Hans de Haij

I stand for your cause

Hans de Haij

Hans is always looking for the best solution for both parties. He believes taking a pragmatic approach is key. Hans is able to look at the broader issues concerning a case and draw a good conclusion that is reasonable for both parties.

Hans often turns to his piano for new energy and structure. Classical music and playing the piano give him a fresh look at the tricky and complicated things that are at play in his practice.

Hans works in employment law and business law. When knowledge of both areas of law is required, call Hans. He has many briefs in his portfolio that involve the intersection of business law and employment law. Hans is a member of the Vereniging Rotterdamse Arbeidsrecht Advocaten (VRAA) [Rotterdam Employment Lawyers Association] and a member of the Vereniging Voor Arbeidsrecht (VVA).

Hans is also broadly involved in society and active in many different management and advisory positions. Both nationally and locally. He also gives lectures and seminars on business law. Due to his broad social interest, Hans can play a major role for your business and staff.