Erwin den Hartog

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Erwin den Hartog

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Erwin likes to play golf. Whether for relaxation or to welcome business partners, it doesn’t matter. When you are with Erwin, it is striking how concentrated he is. Erwin always tries to hit the perfect ball. His pursuit of perfection and drive to always do his best, yield great results. Both on the golf course and in the office as a lawyer.

Erwin advises and litigates business law in the broadest sense of the word. This ranges from takeovers to drawing up commercial contracts. And it’s no surprise that this is often related to real estate. After all, Erwin completed the Immoveable property law course at the Grotius Academy. He is a specialist in real estate law. In this context he is also a member of the Vereniging van Bouwrechtadvocaten en van de Vereniging van Vastgoedjuristen [Association of Construction Lawyers and of the Association of Real Estate Lawyers].

Also, Erwin is the chairman of the Zakenvrienden van de Gemiva-SVG Groep. This group works for people with a disability, chronic illness or other disability. In addition, you often see Erwin at the local business associations.

Erwin is registered with the Dutch Bar to practise law in the following main (and sub) fields of law:

Main field of law:
–Corporate law
– Real estate law

Sub-field of law:
– Agency and distribution
– Directors’ liability
– Mergers and acquisitions
– Companies
– Construction law
– Ground lease

This requires him to obtain ten training credits in each registered principal field of law per calendar year, which is the standard set out by the Dutch Bar.