Dennis Oud

I stand for your cause

Dennis Oud


In his spare time, Dennis likes to run. His sportsmanship and drive are also reflected in the support he provides his customers. By participating in many competitions, Dennis’s competitive nature is nurtured. Dennis is always looking for the best, maximum result. His colleagues and customers see this reflected in the way he serves his customers.

Dennis also has the necessary baggage in-house professionally. Dennis has been working as a lawyer since 2001. A seasoned expert who knows the ropes. Dennis has specialised in employment law by following postgraduate education (PALA). He is also a member of the Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland (VAAN) [Dutch Employment Lawyers Association].

Finally, Dennis is socially involved. His board membership at Economisch Netwerk Capelle (ENC) [Economic Network Capelle], means he stays well informed about the ins and outs of small and medium-sized businesses in the Capelle region.