“Working from home” contract

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“Working from home” contract

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A lot has changed during the corona crisis.
Perhaps the biggest change is that many employees now work from home. After all, the advice is: work from home, unless you can’t.

As an employer, you also have a certain duty of care for the home workplace. As an employer, you must ensure your employee has an ergonomic workplace. Your employee may have taken his/her desk, chair, and computer home. You may also have bought new items.

However, do not forget that the desk, office chair and computer are your property. Have you arranged what happens if your employee finds another job?
Have you agreed when the employee must return the
office supplies?
What about right of ownership?

Do you have any questions about employees who work from home? Please contact us.

Free “working from home” contract

De Haij & Van der Wende has drawn up a free contract for you. It describes these things so you do not encounter unexpected problems. If you want the contract to be amended or supplemented, feel free to contact us. Call us on 010 220 44 00 or email us at mail@haijwende.nl

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