Settlement Agreement

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Coffee and a settlement agreement

When your employment is terminated, it is common for the employer and the employee to have a drawing up a settlement agreement. It sets out the conditions of termination of employment written down.

These agreements may concern the time of termination of employment. Often the employee and the employer also arrange what the employee can do with the company’s assets that are made available to the employee (for example, the mobile phone and the company car). The employee and the employer also often make agreements about a possible transition payment.

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    In many cases, as an employee, you have a number of rights when you terminate your employment. When drawing up the settlement agreement, it is very important that you know what those rights are. We can help you when it comes to your rights. It is worthwhile to visit us for a cup of coffee. You can then have us view your settlement agreement. We give you advice and check whether your rights have been recognized by your employee. If that is not the case, De Haij & Van der Wende can help you further. For example, what do you have to do to get a higher transition payment?

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