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Every business owner has heard this saying: I wish you plenty of staff. The joke may be long in the tooth, but it has a grain of truth to it. As long as everything is going well, nothing will go wrong, but it is a whole different story when problems arise. A discussion about terms and conditions of employment, an argument between two employees, a lack of clarity about overtime arrangements, or even a difference of opinion about being on time. Employees can be a burden. As a result, lawyers are often engaged. And usually too late. Problems can generally be prevented by establishing better employment contracts, terms and conditions, and regulations.

De Haij & Van der Wende now offers you a legal HR subscription. From €225.00 per month ex. VAT or €2,500 per year ex. VAT, we can help you edit and update: Terms and conditions of employment; Employment contracts, Regulations. We also advise you on building a personnel file, and of course, you can always call for advice or to ask opinions for your ideas.

Case 1

For years, employee Jan has always been a few minutes late, and he often leaves just a little too early. You are fed up and talk to Jan about it. He promises improvement but nothing changes. A few months later you repeat the message. The next morning, Jan is late again as usual. You fire him. Jan objects and denies that you warned him several times. You lose the case in court because you never recorded your warning in writing. And because your work regulations were not clear. If you had our subscription, this would not have happened to you.

Case 2

Company X is in dire straits. The management decided in April to reorganise. The HR manager must also leave. The company is unable to quickly produce all of the redundant employees’ documentation. The files are still not complete in August. They do not call in a lawyer because they believe it is an expensive option. Penny-wise and pound-foolish it turns out. The company is declared bankrupt in September. If this company had made use of our subscription, bankruptcy could have been avoided.

What is in our
Legal HR

Sparring partner
We will give you legal advice and discuss your HR questions. As part of the subscription, for a minimum term of 1 year, we pay you an annual visit to discuss current affairs. In addition, you can always call us for advice.

Terms and conditions of employment
We edit your terms of employment so you and your employees know exactly where you stand. And your terms and conditions of employment will always be fully in line with laws and regulations.

We edit your employment contracts so you and your employees know exactly where you stand. And your terms and conditions of employment will always be fully in line with laws and regulations.

Labour regulations
We edit your labour regulations so you and you employees know exactly where you stand. All regulations in the company regarding working hours, confidentiality, dealing with social media, etc. are plain to see.

Personnel file
We also advise you on how to build up a personnel file. In practice, this proves to be of great importance if an employee is not pulling his/her weight.

Are you interested in this subscription, or do you have any questions about our offer?

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