Corporate Social Responsibility

We are there for the community

Corporate Social Responsibility

De Haij & Van der Wende is firmly rooted in society. For example, our office participates in “Sustainable Entrepreneurship”, in which we are the driving force behind a better, more responsible world of business owners with many leading companies. In addition, we know that our youth is the future, and we believe that physical exercise is of great importance for a healthy society. For these reasons, we actively sponsor youth and sports clubs, as well as the creative sector, because it adds colour to our lives.

Because De Haij & Van der Wende is broadly involved in many different areas, we know the market and society well. Because we want to provide the best service for your business, we believe it is important to know what we are talking about.

Our lawyers show a great interest in your market to ensure you get the best result. We stand for your cause. We do this by not only working hard and standing up for your interests, but also by showing great social commitment. This increases our knowledge while contributing to a better world at the same time.