Dennis Oud Employment Law Attorney 'Dedication and in-depth knowledge help you become number one.' Tessa Sipkema Employment Law Attorney 'Socially committed and enterprising in the client’s interest.' Gerard van der Wende Corporate Law Attorney 'A great sparring partner with plenty of knowledge and experience.' Bas van der Eijk Real Estate Attorney 'A practical and workable solution for the entrepreneur.' Lennart Hordijk Real Estate Attorney 'Dedicated and committed to ensure your business is in good hands.' Erwin den Hartog Real Estate Attorney 'Specialist knowledge ensures a perfect result for the client.' Elke Bijvank Employment Law Attorney 'A can-do attitude in pursuit of the best results.. Petra Lindhout Environmental Law 'Transparency brings balance to environmental law' Fleur Huisman Environmental Law 'Your environmental law advisor' DE HAIJ & VAN DER WENDE DRIVEN AND ENTERPRISING Team > De Haij & van der Wende is a specialised commercial law firm located in Capelle aan den IJssel, in the vicinity of Rotterdam. We offer legal services primarily to companies and (non-profit) organisations. Profile >

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Sharing Success

Your success is our success

We believe in building a sustainable, long-lasting relationship with our clients. This ensures a well-attuned and harmonious working relationship. Our attorneys would like to become part of your team. Our goal is to be successful together.

Our approach

We start with you

A flexible and practical approach, combined with short communication lines, provides the best solution.

De Haij & Van der Wende believes in building and maintaining a long-term relationship with its clients. To be able to provide good advice, a good understanding of the person and/or company is important. The wishes of the client, the organisation and corporate culture, as well as costs, are closely monitored when we handle your case.

Every client requires a unique approach with one objective in mind: the most optimal and practical advice available. Whenever possible, a solution is sought outside the courtroom via consultation or negotiation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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